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US/ UK Admissions 

With a decade of stellar track record, our admissions consultants team bring with them a wealth of experience in helping students from many walks of life gaining admissions to the top US/ UK/ Canadian universities and boarding schools. Our admissions package are holistic and have you covered from start to a successful finish. We guarantee any enrolling students with admissions to their universities of choice, because we are confident enough to put forth our promise to you. 

Our admissions package selection is extensive. We are also well supported with tutoring programs that equips you with necessary grades to satisfy any benchmark. Depending on the university of your choice, your admissions cost may be entirely free. 

US Admissions ranges from 1-2.5 years, whereas UK admissions is typically under 1 year. Early preparation is recommended. Feel free to contact us today if you have questions. 

- School Search  

- Meeting sessions with Consultant; regular follow-ups 

- Personal statement package 

- SAT/ ACT/ IELTS/ English/ Maths tutoring package 

- Portfolio building (Extracurricular, Volunteering, Internships, etc) 

- School Tours and Student Visa clearance 

Our past students have attended the following universities and boarding schools 

Harvard University

Columbia University 

Cornell University 

Princeton University 

Yale University 

University of North Carolina 

Imperial College London

University College London 

University of Manchester 

Durham University 

University of Sheffield 

Deerfield Academy

Philips Exeter Academy 

Sevenoaks School 

Harrow School

Cheltenham College 

Cheltenham Ladies College  

Yoshi (SAT/ Admissions)

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Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies, History and Technology Education, Virginia Commonwealth University 

Bachelor of Arts, History, University of North Carolina 

12 years of admissions consulting, SAT/ ACT prep experience 

Track record of students getting into top US universities

Yoshi is a seasoned consultant with Hudson Academy who brings with him 12 years of experience in helping students entering US Ivy League universities and the top 50 colleges. Yoshi comes from Hong Kong but was raised in US since elementary school. In the past decade, he has helped students from top schools in Shanghai and Shenzhen with their building personal statements, personal portfolio and boosting their SAT, AP and SAT subject grades in English and Maths. His stellar track record has gained him excellent client recommendations. He speaks fluent Mandarin and some Cantonese and knows well how Chinese students should gear themselves for the challenges ahead. 

Jon (English/ SAT)

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Bachelor of Arts, English, University College London

10 years of tutoring experience 

Jon graduated in English Studies from University College London and furthered his education with the Cambridge teaching qualification CELTA. He has divided his working life in Hong Kong between journalism, as a writer and editor, and tutoring, helping school students navigate curriculums of English for IB, IGCSE, SAT, SSAT and DSE. He has around 10 years of experience tutoring English and Literature subjects. 


He was a writer for renowned media and publishers such as the Krisflyer in-flight magazine, The Peak magazine and The Standard. Aside from exam prep, he focuses on helping students achieve clarity of thought in the study of Language and Literature, with a strong focus on practical guidance on producing well-written assignments.  

Bob (English/ SAT/ Admissions)

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Bob (English)

BSc University of Southern California 

Milton Abbey School Alumni

Top scorer in GCE A-level English and Literature 

3 years tutoring experience in IB/ IGCSE English

Bob is a full-time English tutor who specializes in English writing, project essays, long English presentation, SAT. 

He has tutored many DBS students with improving their writing skills, grammar, and use of vocabulary. He focuses on students' command of the English language, literature and IB/ IGCSE exam skills. 

Aside from regular teaching and tutoring, Bob has been writing business plans for corporations and movie scripts. 

Bob believes that writing is important in life. A good command of the English language is indispensable in getting students ahead. 

Based in Hong Kong since 1995, Bob's past students hail from the best schools in Hong Kong such as Diocesan Girls' and Boys' School and St Paul's Co-Educational among many others. 

Bob has also established a solid track record in helping students with selection of US and UK universities and their applications. 

Tim (SAT/ English/ Admissions)

MD candidate, B. Sc (Pharm.), B. Sc., RPh, RPEBC

B.Sc. (Pharm), University of British Columbia 


B.Sc. Computer Science and Microbiology, University of British Columbia 


Tim is an admission consultant for healthcare professional schools. He is a current Canadian medical student as well as a registered Canadian pharmacist. Having received multiple admission offers from different professional schools, Tim is highly experienced with the application process and has helped multiple peers gaining entry into reputable schools such as the pharmacy program at the University of British Columbia. Having attained the highest graduating GPA in his cohort and achieved 100 percentile on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Tim is well positioned to assist his students in building a strong academic profile for admission.

Tim is committed to offering personalized services to help his students succeed at every step of the application journey, from school selection, personal statement, biographical sketch, and all the way to the admission interview.


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