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Terms and Conditions

By using any service provisioned by Hudson Academy Limited (“HAL”), the student and his/her parent(s) acknowledges and agrees to all Terms and Conditions below. No signature is required. 


Parents should read this carefully and consult our staff when in doubt. 


Lesson Credits


  1. Payments must be settled before class; otherwise Hudson Academy Limited (“HAL”) reserves the right to preclude the student from attending the class.

  2. No refunds with be given in any circumstances. No exceptions. 

  3. No lesson credits can be refunded in case of tutor change. 

  4. Cancellations (except sick leaves) must be made two days before the scheduled date and time. Otherwise the credit will be forfeited. 

  5. All lesson credits are valid for one calendar year only and can be brought over as needed.

  6. In case of illness, a note from a certified medical practitioner in Hong Kong or equivalent is required. Otherwise a refund or brought-over of paid lesson credit will not be approved. 


In General


  1. Whilst Hudson Academy Limited (“HAL”) will attempt its best effort in explaining to students and parents on its Terms and Conditions, it is the responsibility of the students and parents to familiarize with HAL Terms and Conditions, courses and services and/or any other information of which the students and parents may view as important.

  2. Should future dispute arises, HAL will not assume any liability if HAL, given that it has corresponded to students and parents in good faith, has not explained all aspects of HAL information of which students and parents may find important.

  3. Students and parents should only refer to the Front Desk (meaning the authorized HAL administrator) for clarification on any HAL Terms and Conditions, policies and issuances thereof.

  4. While students and parents may find representations with regards to HAL course contents and Terms and Conditions made by anyone besides the authorized HAL administrator, such as an HAL instructor, useful, such representations are NOT official and final and students and parents should not regard them as if they are.


Bad Weather and Natural Conditions


  1. Hudson will be closed when

    1. Inclement weather signals, that are by Hong Kong Observatory’s official guidance would require the shutting down of public facilities and services (except for those catering to the underaged or persons of special needs) for reasons of public safety, are announced in the Hong Kong region such as but not limited to Typhoon Signal number Eight and above, Black and Red rainstorm warnings among others; or

    2. Plague, infectious disease, acts of war and/or god, and/or any other forms of natural or human calamity or accidents which would render all reasonable forms of travel to the HAL centre dangerous or impossible.

  2. In the event of natural or human calamity as described in sub-point b. of point 10. in this agreement, no refund or brought-over of paid lesson credit will be made on any cancelled class.

  3. At times, typhoon intensity may increase or a rainstorm signal may raise while students are at school. If this happens, Hudson will dismiss all students before the end of regular class time. Parent will be contacted and be informed about the approximate time of dismissal.

  4. Courses/lessons that are canceled due to the adverse weather conditions may be rescheduled or refunded in part or in full on a case-by-case basis and at HAL’s absolute discretion.

Front Desk

  1. All scheduling has to be made directly with the Front Desk (meaning an authorized HAL administrator). Arrangements made with the tutor only will not be endorsed by HAL and will be considered void.

Change in Terms and Conditions

  1. By using our services, such students and parents have agreed to all HAL Terms and Conditions, policies and issuances as may be changed from time to time.

  2. Hudson reserves the right to amend part or all of the Terms and Conditions and any other HAL policies and issuances thereof without prior notice.

  3. No refunds can be made in case of change in HAL Terms and Conditions.

  4. Should confusion and conflict arises, HAL reserves the right to provide the final interpretation of part or all of HAL Terms and Conditions, policies and issuances at its absolute discretion.

Home Tutoring

  1. HAL will assume no liability for any form of damages of the student’s home, the student and/or any other persons and/or properties that may arise from the provision of any HAL services, including but not limited to that of tutoring, that take place outside of HAL premises.

  2. The Undersigned agrees not to pursue HAL to compensate for any damages that have arisen as a result of HAL home tutoring.

Payment Policy


  1. Only paid classes are considered booked. Paid students have absolute priority on choosing class times.

  2. For the avoidance of doubt, students who have not paid prior to class have NOT booked their desired timeslots. Hudson Academy reserves the right to allocate another student to the concerned timeslot at its absolute discretion.

  3. To guarantee placement in the desired timeslots, students are highly advised to pay their tuition on time and before the onset of classes. To expedite payment, students may opt for our bank transfer option.



  1. Whilst Hudson Academy Limited is dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of our enclosed information, HAL reserves the right to modify these information, including but not limited to special offers, which may be altered from time to time at our sole discretion and without prior notice to any interested parties.

  2. By using our site and information you have agreed to and acknowledged all Hudson Terms and Conditions

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