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7 Compelling Factors To Look For – Choose The Best IGCSE And IB Tutoring Center In Hong Kong

7 Compelling Factors To Look For - Choose The Best IGCSE And IB Tutoring Center In Hong Kong

For all career-focused individuals, upscaling their academic qualifications is considered an integral part. IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate) are two such programs that can help you strong holding your career. However, to crack these competitive exams with higher ranks, expert tuition is essential for better overall preparation.

Thus, as a parent or a student, you must know how to find the best tutors or a tutoring center in Hong Kong for perfect guidance. Leading institutes such as Hudson Academy provides specialized private tutors for these two examinations. This article will be a helpful guide for those who have not found a good institution yet.

  1. Class Size

The class size or the number of pupils in a single class matter while preparing for such competitive exams. Every student is unique. Everybody has different requirements or problem areas. So, in a smaller capacity classroom, it becomes easier for the tutors to manage the students with special attention to each student’s requirements. In larger classrooms, it becomes difficult for the teacher to attend to each student individually and for the students to clear their doubts separately. In short, the learning process becomes more effective in a smaller and compact atmosphere.

  1. Tutor’s Experience and Qualification

The IGCSE curriculum has a very dynamic and intense syllabus. Subject teachers with professional teaching training or any previous teaching experiences should always prioritize all the other tutors offering good coaching. The experienced teachers will have thorough and practical knowledge about the IGCSE Hong Kong examination patterns. And as veteran teachers, they will be more accomplished in imparting their knowledge to the children. The longer the teacher has their experience, the more they will be accurate in predicting questions and guiding students accordingly.

  1. Teaching Capacity of the HK Tutor

Sometimes, it does not matter how well educated a tutor is or how long an experience he or she has. The only thing that matters for becoming one of the HK best tutors is how well the teacher can convey the knowledge to the pupils and how well they can connect or understand their students. Good mentoring can change a student’s life forever. A little encouragement, support, or a push in the right direction can make a big difference in students’ lives. 

  1. Testimonials

When looking for the right tutor, you cannot understand everything about the tutor or the tutoring institute at a single glance. You will need testimonials that you can rely on. You can ask for the institute’s success history or take some references from the parents or students from the previous batches of the institute. Everything may look appealing and attractive on the papers, but only these testimonials can give you the right picture of the institution’s quality.  

  1. Style of Teaching

Learning can be in three ways – physical, visual, and auditory. Identifying what is best for you is vital. Or sometimes, the combination of all these processes can be the best practice. The methods can be different according to every child’s natural ability of learning or according to the subjects’ nature. For instance, an IB math tutor may prefer teaching in the physical way of learning, or when teaching geography or other subjects, the visual technique may come more useful. Usually, a good tutorial center offers all styles for educating children.

  1. Quality of the Notes

Good quality notes are one of the most important criteria for choosing the right tutoring center. You need to see if the teachers are preparing the notes or guiding them to prepare the notes on their own. However, the second method is always better for the children in the long run. The tutor must guide the children on how to prepare their unique notes following the IB syllabus.  

  1. If the Student’s Needs are being Addressed

It is the most crucial point, and somehow it is the only underlying message in all the points discussed above. If you are looking for a good institute, you must know which areas your child needs the most attention. A successful tutoring center will understand every child’s needs and provide tuitions with personalized care. 


Hudson Academy provides tuition services for over a decade with successful results for IGCSE and IB Hong Kong. They provide personalized guidance to their students with regular and online courses. Whatsoever, you should put your child’s needs at the topmost priority while selecting the right tutorial services. We hope this guide will be helpful in the purpose of finding the right tuition academy.

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