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Summer English Intensives

The most common issue surrounding students in IB, IGCSE or other non-local programs is the ability to write. Our English intensive classes are writing intensive and focuses on literary analysis, discussions, grammar and vocabulary building. At the completion of our courses, you will see astounding improvements to your writing skills. 


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Intensive Summer English Writing and Analysis G7-9 (Class Size: 4)

This is a 5 week 15-20 hour course. Students will get to learn writing and analysis of different genres of texts in a group setting. The genre of the text will be equally divided between modern short stories and classic literature pieces. Students will have the opportunity to make meaningful discussions on the pieces they read and then write analysis in class and outside of class based on these literary pieces. Students are required to come in 2 lessons weekly for maximum effect. Available private or group of 4. 

IGCSE Intensive English Exam Preparation and Writing G10-11 (Class Size: 4)

The course is an 5 week, 20 hour exam oriented course for students who are preparing the IGCSE final exam in May 2021. 

The course focus on further reinforcing writing, comprehension and analysis skill at more advanced level based on the IGCSE past paper formats and questions. Students will be expected to pick up exam rubrics, complete at least 1 writing each class and bring with them take-home assignments. 

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