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Intro to our English Tutorials

Our English Tutorials are designed specifically for students enrolling in international schools in Hong Kong and the mainland, or students enrolling in a school using the IB and IGCSE programs. We also have SSAT and ISEE tutorials for students aspiring for UK/ US boarding schools. Here are a few selection of modules for our English tutorials.  


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English IB/ IGCSE Tutorial

The IB/ IGCSE English tutorial module is strictly exam-oriented. It prepares students with managing the day-to-day work in their school. The tutor will keep close track of the latest quizzes, tests and major assignments in the student’s school and make sure the student is well prepared for each major upcoming milestone. 

Writing and Comprehension Tutorial

Writing is indispensable for students in the IB or IGCSE program stream. IN this module, the tutor will assign readings specific to the student’s level. The student is expected to write summaries, analysis pieces or essays after reading the assigned reading. The tutor will go over the student’s work in the subsequent session. 

Literature Analysis Tutorial

Literature is essential to students going to international schools in Hong Kong, especially for those closing into their senior years of IB or the IAL. The literature module is led only our expert IB IGCSE English tutors. It covers a wide variety of genres such as prose, classics, short stories and poems. 

Through repeated practice and prolonged exposure to these materials, students will get used to detecting writer and character emotions, personality and historical contexts; as a result, they can analyze literary pieces with depth and profound understanding. 

SSAT Tutorial

Our SSAT tutorials is geared towards students destined for UK/ US boarding schools. Typically the student will need to commit to a half year course. The tutorial consists of past paper training, writing drills and exam skill orientation. 

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