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M.Sc Information Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

M.Sc. Mathematical for Finance and Actuarial Science, City University of Hong Kong 

B.Sc. Major in Applied Statistics, Minor in Mathematics, University of California Davis

5 years of IB HL SL Maths experience 

Maverick has 5 years of experience with tutoring both SL and HL in IB Mathematics. He has been living in the United States for 10 years and came back for good after his college graduation. He has achieved a 5 out of 5 scores in both AP and BC calculus. His patience and characteristics allow him to build a strong and trust relationship with each student, which he believes a great bonding is an essential element in affecting students’ performance. With his knowledge of sharing in mathematics, students have seen great improvements in both school works and IB practice exams.

mathematics, colorful, game


First Year, pursuing BA Data Science and BA Operations Research and Management Science
University of California, Berkeley
1.5 years of IGCSE/ IB tutoring experience

Justin is currently pursuing a double major at the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated from Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School with an IB score of 43/45 (7 in HL Maths, Chemistry, Physics and SL Geography). He achieved a result of 8A* and 1A for his IGCSE, where he scored Top in Hong Kong for Physical Education. Due to his academic performance, he is a recipient of a few scholarships, amongst those is the Hong Kong scholarship for Excellence Scheme.

Justin has been tutoring students from various backgrounds. From those who are at their early stages of IGCSE, to those who are months away from their IB and SAT exams. His teaching style emphasizes on thoroughly understanding the foundational concepts, slowly building up student’s confidence by exercises of progressing difficulty, and ultimately going through past papers to analyze how questions are worded and its key words.

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BSc Science and Business (Biotechnology), University of New South Wales 
Alumni at German Swiss International School 
3 years of IB/ IGCSE tutoring experience
Chris is an experienced tutor responsible for Chemistry and Biology up to the A Levels. He also takes up tutoring in Maths and Physics up to the IGCSE level. An alumni of German Swiss International School, he has achieved outstanding grades in all his Maths and Sciences subjects at both the A and O levels. Chris is characterized by his patience and he is willing to go lengths at helping each of his students reach the next higher goal. At UNSW, he had also conducted bi-weekly study sessions for 1st year students in biotechnology. His students have typically seen marked improvements after a few months of tutoring. 
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M. Phil, Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong
B.Sc. Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong

Eric holds a research master degree in biological sciences and has numerous years working in Europe (Germany and the UK) as a scientist and science educator/ mentor. Combining his development of interactive (student-centered) teaching when he was in charge of preparing and running tutorial classes for bachelor students at HKU, he is good at identifying students’ learning issues, instilling correct concepts/ knowledge, using creative ways to stimulate learning interests, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. His inspiring tutoring style has helped his students achieve in projects and exams. Additionally he has 3 years of tutoring IB, IGCSE, A-Level experiences (Biology, Chemistry and Maths)

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MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering, Imperial College London – Merit and Scholarship
BSc (Hons) Mathematics, King’s College London – First Class Honours

Clovis has 4 years of experience with tutoring GCSE, A-level and undergraduate students. He completed his A-Levels at City of London school before attaining top results at King’s College London and Imperial College London for his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees respectively. As an individual who was born and bred in London, he is extremely familiar with Uk exam curricula. He is an excellent communicator with a knack for conveying abstract ideas and has helped many students from various backgrounds increase their grades and inherent understandings of the subjects at hand. Finally, he also has experience with advising students on their education and career paths in finance.

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Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Hong Kong
B.Sc Chemistry, University of Hong Kong

Karina is a hudson instructor in Maths and Chemistry. She has taught for many years at leading Hong Kong schools in subjects of Chemistry, General Sciences and maths. During her time at University of Hong Kong, she was a teaching assistant for courses in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Physical and Environmental Chemistry and has helped countless students with understanding and resolving complex concepts, Before joining Hudson, she was an Engineer at companies such as Philips and specialized in the management of commercial design and material sourcing for electronic products.

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