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Fall 2020 Maths and Sciences Tutorials

  • Available in Tutorial and lecture style. 
  • Boost 90% of our students grades in 3 months. 
  • Complete with past paper drill, latest techniques and study notes for changes in IGCSE and A level curriculum in 2020. 
  • Led by highly experienced tutors with outstanding track records.
  • Suitable for IB HL/ SL, A-Level, IGCSE and AP students.  

Maths/ Sciences Tutorial Subjects Covered

  • Mathematics 
  • Further Mathematics 
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Chemistry 
  • Biology 
  • Physics 
  • Integrated Science 
  • Combined Science

Maths/ Sciences Tutorials
(Customized Tutorial Format)

Students will get to decide their course flow with the tutor. The course’s topics, materials and questions are strictly customized to fit the student. The tutor will decide with the student what the ultimate objective is prior to the program and will gauge the level of success with the student at the end of the course. 

IGCSE Mathematics Course (Lecture-Style)

This is an exam oriented course with the ultimate aim of preparing students towards the IGCSE exam in May 2021. The course will cover a selection of major topics (the most challenging/ important ones). Students will be given notes and exercises on each topic. 

Students will also get the opportunity to do mock questions/ exams and complete them under a strict prescribed timeframe. 

This course is 5-7 week long. 20 hours. 


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