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Summer Course 2020 Tutorials

IB/ IGCSE Summer Intensive Classes

2019-2020 school year is already over. With frequent school closures and breaks last year, most of us have made less progress academically than we want to see. Join us for these intensive classes for a solid revision and headstart for the new year ahead. Available Online and In-Person. 

Programs Covered

  • SAT
  • SSAT
  • US Admissions 
  • UK Admissions 

Lecture Style Class

Lecture style classes have pre-set programs completed with notes, exercises and past papers. This style of classes suit students wanting to go through all major topics in a year/ curriculum. Students will be able to complete pre-assigned exercises in class and have take-home assignments. Students will also be able to track their improvements after the completion of class. 

Personalized Summer Intensive Tutorials

Our Summer Tutorials are intensive 5-7 week long classes combined to be 15-20 hours in total. Students meet with tutors 2-3 times weekly for personalized programs that are highly customized for their needs. The tutorials are suitable for students regardless of their learning progress who have a clear-cut idea of what needs to achieved at the end of the course. 


Subjects Covered

We cover the following subjects for Tutorial and lecture style class. 


  • English 
  • Maths 
  • Sciences
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics 
  • Biology 
  • Chinese
  • Economics 
  • Business Studies 
  • Other subjects


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